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Change the life of a child living with cancer

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What We're All About

Team Awesome is the official charity athletic team for a 501(c)3 non-profit called This Star Won't Go Out. Over the past 5 years, TSWGO has given over $400,000 in grants to families of children with cancer. Team Awesome members seek to help TSWGO continue to grow and be able to provide more aid to children facing the terrible and frightening diagnosis of cancer. Team Awesome welcomes everyone who wants to make a difference-- regardless of their athletic ability.


Our Inspiration

Meet Esther, the remarkable girl behind This Star Won't Go Out's mission. She is the inspiration for John Green's novel "The Fault in Our Stars". In her 16 years, she taught us that a short life can still be a good life.

Esther Grace Earl

Ever wished you could truly make a difference in the world? With TSWGO, everyone can be a superhero! Making a difference is easier than you think, and more rewarding than you can possibly imagine. Come see how you can make a change TODAY.

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The Virtual 10k Raised over $1,000!


Our Current & Most Recent Events/Challenges

Check out what Team Awesome is up to lately!

TSWGO Virtual Summer Marathon Challenge!

Summer Challenge Insta.png

July 3-August 3, 2021

Celebrate the life of Esther Earl by running/walking/rolling/swimming/etc. 26.2 miles throughout July ending on August 3rd, what would have been Esther's 27th birthday!  Exercise anywhere you want. Then log activity and see yourself move on our map and leaderboards. Catch a Google street view of your virtual locale, then cheer your real fellow racers! Share your bib on social media! Brag about your streaks or longest runs!

Virtual 9.75K!


October 27-Nov. 3, 2019

Join us for the 9.75K Challenge!

Esther Day 10th Anniversary Video

10th Esther Day Video.png

August 3, 2019

August 3, 2019 marks the tenth Esther Day, a day celebrating the love of family and friends. Share with us the beginning of this moving holiday, and the continuing legacy of Esther Grace Earl.


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